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               Multiphonic Funk, Tulsa’s premiere party band, is one that is difficult to put in one genre. While Funk is in the name, the band spans several genres, R&B, Soul, Rock, and Jazz. We like to sum all of that up in a genre we call: Party Funk. We are all about pleasing the audience and making their experience one that they will not forget. We are inspired by artists such as James Brown, Snarky Puppy, NO BS! Brass Band, Tower of Power, and of course, Earth Wind & Fire.

                Recently coming off their incredibly successful show, Boogie Wonderland: an EWF Tribute Show, Multiphonic Funk is preparing to release their second album: “In My Soul” at the beginning of 2018, and is finishing up writing the music for their 3rd studio album, “PARTY FUNK”, scheduled to release in late April of 2018. The band is constantly writing both individually and as a group to keep the new original music tail feather shaking music, while staying true to their craft and genre.

                The band started in Tulsa, Oklahoma in January of 2016.  Back then, it was just a bunch of high school best friends getting together and making music to play for their peers. That same spring the band played their first festival on the David Cameron Stage at Tulsa’s Mayfest 2016, where they gained great praise for their energetic and interactive show. This show led to several larger venues and festivals including Tulsa Jazz’s Latin Funk Fun Fest, Kissing Cousins Tour, and Smooth Groove Sunday Festival, all on Tulsa’s Guthrie Green. This started a beautiful partnership between the band and and Taylor Entertainment Group that led to playing at the Post Oak Wine & Jazz Festival, gaining a large crowd, and many praises.  While these festivals were occurring, the band realized it was time for their own headlining shows. The band planned and played a tribute to famous Jazz Fusion band, Snarky Puppy, which brought a crowd of people from all over the state and city to watch the tribute. After a smashing success, Multiphonic Funk started on their first album, self-titled: Multiphonic Funk. After several months of work, they recorded the album and planned a release party at Tulsa’s own, Soul City. The show was a smashing success, packing the venue from wall to wall with the band’s most loyal fans. The band sold 120 copies of their album just that night alone.  The largest show planned by the band has been the Earth Wind and Fire tribute show held very recently at soul city. Bringing in over 200 people into a tiny venue, packing the place like sardines, Multiphonic Funk had every single person out of their seat and dancing to the music all night long. The band is very ambitious and dreams very big, and plan to ring in the new year at the prestigious Mixed Company bar, in downtown Tulsa.

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mufu2.png Smooth Groove Sunday on Guthrie Green Smooth Groove Sunday on Guthrie Green

 Boogie Wonderland: And Earth Wind & Fire Tribute Show

Boogie Wonderland: And Earth Wind & Fire Tribute Show

 Tulsa's Mayfest 2017

Tulsa's Mayfest 2017

Multiphonic Funk Appearing on KTUL Channel 8 for a segment on their Earth, Wind, and Fire Tribute show/Laura Dester Toy Drive.

Multiphonic Funk Playing their notoriously funky original tune, Party Funk, live at Soul City in Tulsa Oklahoma.

Two albums with a third (Party Funk) on the way Summer 2018!

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